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What is the difference between a PU chair and a leather cushioned chair?

The basic difference between PU and leather cushioned chairs is that they are made of PU material and a leather pad. Due to their different installation methods and manufacturing process, their design is different.

For example, PU can be used to do all PU, which is to cover the PU.
And the leather cushioned chair can only have the epithelium on the front, the back is very difficult to install.

PU advantages:
1. Good human touch.
2. It is not conducive to bacterial reproduction and the elimination of secondary infection
3. Excellent surface performance, you can choose to use sterilising water to clean.
The service life is extremely long, much more than other materials.

Advantages of leather pad:
1. Replaceable.
2. It's cheap.
3. Good human touch.

Pu, by contrast, is more popular than leather cushioned chairs.

Comparison of PU chair and leather cushioned chair:

PU chair
PU chair

leather cushioned chair
Leather cushioned chair

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