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Every month, MIF+ Furniture memebers have a special exchange actitives with other companies regarding how to improve our service to clients.

Time: 2018-03-29

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 Every month,We(#MIF+ Furniture memebers) have a special exchange actitives with other companies regarding how to improve our service to clients.

There are many topics,
For example:
1.Culture and import tarriff of different countries
2.If there is delivery date,quality complains,how to solve it?
3.How to let clients know more about your factory?
4.How to show our quality control?
5.How to do item and marketing research in client’s country
And so on.
All the sales engaged in the discuss and done record seriously.
Through this communication,
Our sales can not only improve their sales skills,
also They will love this job more 
as it can help them to make progress and growth.

Website: www.mif-furniture.com

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