MIF+ Furniture
2015 Indian customer
On 2015, an Indian businessman purchased 5,000 public chairs at one time, mainly for hospitals, railway stations and airports in India.
As quantity is big and the product is new, the local workers did not know how to install a new airport chair. That made it difficult to delivery to customers on time.
After we knew the situation, we sent our technician to India immediately. Our technical staff trained the local workers how to install, and took teaching video in English for future installation. After that our after sales service person also taught them how to maintain products and how to increase service life through network. This quick action left deep impression to the client, let him experience humanized after sale service of MIF-Furniture.
MIF furniture attaches great importance to after-sales service. One to one after-sales service let customers have secure purchase and happy utilization.
In 2010, Malaysian customers
On 2010, MIF furniture mainly produced hardware furniture accessories at that time. A Malaysian customer ordered product worth fifty thousand dollars of metal five-star feet.
He found out that different parts of MIF-Furniture product can be perfectly assembled, and they can be used with local accessories. We also provide more than 100 pieces free accessories for future replacement as a gift.
Five years later, he sent an e-mail told us that these accessories were still very durable after five years, much better than the product they ordered before.
When he knew we were making airport chairs and office furniture, he ordered a $100,000 order unhesitatingly.
From accessories manufacturing to furniture manufacturing, MIF furniture always insists the principle "quality first, good customer service". This point touched most of our old customers. Many customers are happy to cooperate with us again.

2016 US customer
On 2016, US customers asked us to design an office chair that matched the American white body and aesthetics.
We attached great importance to this project. Our boss flew to the United States and met the customer immediately. At the same time, our design team has done a lot of market research and survey questionnaires, visited the local well-known fashion designers and furniture designers, access to a lot of industry information.
Two weeks later, MIF-Furniture provided five preliminary design options, making them very surprised that we can finish in a short time. After confirming the final design, we produced two samples and shipped to them. Customers are very satisfied, our chair is very consistent with market demand. The customer immediately signed a $ 1 million contract and re-ordered a $ 500,000 order in a short period of time.
A good design made a good product! MIF furniture has an experienced design team that helps more than 100 customers design hot selling office furniture.
2017 Saudi Arabian customer
On 2017, MIF Furniture's first Saudi Arabian customer orders for 1000 sets of office chairs on August 5th and delivery time is September 5th. With our production capacity, we are very easy to complete the order and deliver on time.
Unfortunately, we met two strong typhoons of Hato and Parker on August 23 and August 27. It brought powerful winds and flooding to us and our production plant were broken in the storm.
In order to complete the contract and delivery on time, MIF Furniture organized all the staff to clean up the factory and repair the machine overnight. MIF furniture factory return to work on September 1st. Our production department gives priority to produce Saudi Arabian customers' order. Finally, we completed 1000 office chairs and shipped on the afternoon of September 4th.
Under any circumstances, MIF-Furniture will fulfill its "100% on time delivery" commitment.